Here is my house.

 Project 2000 the big improvements to the yard.

I got the keys for my house on March 1st. 1999.  On march 2nd I started painting and working on the place. Front view of the house The front yard has been neglected for at least one summer before I moved in and I still ha not changed much.  I plan this winter to work on the front landscape  with rocks and maybe a cactus.  A very low maintenance yard will work well in the front.  Right now the satellite van parks in the front drive way along with my green pickup. Future plans include moving the satellite truck into the backyard and adding a bit more driveway on the far left side.  With those improvements complete 3 vehicles can park in the front.

The Living room is very spacious and as of yet we have not decided on furnishings or a purpose for this room.  Ideas have included a pool table(that will just fit), 2 nice chairs and a table, all library, a disco room, and leave it just empty.  We are still entertaining ideas but for the last few months it has been a short term storage area.  When someone moves in or I need space for work stuff this is our storage room.  For now it will work just fine.

The dining room started out fairly interesting.  The vertical stripes on the wall are small strips wood.  They cover the wallpaper seams that could not be glued down.  Under each strip is a test bed for adhesives.  Under that wallpaper was the original wall covering. Right out of 1972 when this house was built the orange flowers jumped right off the wall.  The computer is now parked against this wall and will be for some time.  Yes, I do plan to have a real dining room table here.
Well turn around and here is the Kitchen.  Yes it is huge, Yes that is an island, and yes it was like that when I moved in.  On the left the door leads to the laundry room where a brand new washer and dryer came with the house.

The bedrooms in the house are not very big. Dan's room and Rod's room are just big enough to fit them in.  My room is about the normal size for a master bedroom.  One of the first things to change in my room was the wall paper came down on the right
side and everything became white.  It was a power blue before.  I even painted the small walk in closet.  The whole house was covered in about 5 different shades of pale yellow.  One of my friends described it as smokers yellow, others would say cream.  It is now all polar bear white and it makes me feel much better.


Another big project that had to happen was the hall bathroom.  This started out with yellow tile, yellow toilet, yellow sink,yellow floor, a dark brown vanity, and no shower head.  Well, first I had to tear the tile down so I could install a shower and its associated pipes.  Since Ii had to tear down one wall of tile, may as well tear it all down, and take out the yellow toilet, and the yellow sink, and re-tile the floor while I am at it.  I knew I could do it all myself but work was sending me all over the place and the job would never get done.  So I hired Chris to do the bathroom.  When it was all finished the white tile in the shower looked great, racing stripes included.  There are two tile shelves built into the tile for shampoo and stuff, one for each room mate.  Big tile floor, what else can I say.

At the other end of the hall way and right behind the kitchen is the 4th bedroom.  This room is currently my work room for the house.  It will eventually become the computer room.  A big table will cover the entire far side of the room.  The closet is thel atest construction project.  I tore down the old normal closet things and installed shelves floor to ceiling for Dan and my collection of video tapes.  We estimate there are almost 1400 tapes in here.  Our collection include the complete episodic series of Star Trek The Next Generation, M*A*S*H, Sea Quest, Earth 2, Speed Racer, V, My So Called Life, and South Park. We also have many miniseries, HBO specials, PBS specials, and hundreds of feature films.

Video room Before

Beyond the dining room is the Family room also known as the TV room.  It took me several months to find just the right
furniture for this room.  Rod brought over his dart board and this is the center of our house.  This room was an add-on to the original house and therefore it has its own air conditioner.  The house generally keeps very comfortable in the summer time. The separate cooling unit helps us control our costs during the day.  Off to the left is the back door.

Living room
Living room TV side
Before Living room
Living Room Dart board


Back yard Patio
Once again a great find.  A good sized covered patio greets you as you exit the house.  The big grill came with the house but it needs a lot of work on the inside.   Over the summer I installed a misting system on the patio cover.

Back yard from roof One day I had Dan climb up on the roof to clean off some dirt and leaves and he snapped these pictures.  Here he is standing on the patio cover and you can see the rest of the stone tile patio area.  We now have a very styling green plastic round table and matching green plastic chairs.   Behind my lot on this side is the back end of a large car dealership.  A large tree grows in the middle of the yard.  It is a good climbing tree. Back yard  grass side Off the other side, standing on the bedrooms, will be the small lawn.  It is just dirt now and you can still see the scar where the telephone and cable TV were installed.  This yard has a sprinkler system installed but to make it work you must connect the garden hose to one of the 3 connection points in the back yard or 2 hose connectors in the front.  A very weird design.

Here is the floor plan for the house.

Floor Plan

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