Where in the World is Jeff


This is the amazing Blue Moon Motel in Florence Arizona.  I was here in February 99 covering the execution of 2 German brothers.  I was working for the German television network RTL. 
This is a picture of my little truck on the prison grounds. In front is the cholla cactus or jumping cactus.  This cactus jumped to my left leg and also attacked 3 other people.  The Germans I worked with were fascinated with cactus they had never seen it this close before.
Also in February 99 I visited Brush Colorado to help introduce a new tooth brush for Oral-B.  On the was back to Denver I found my lake.
This is Frank.  He was in Phoenix for the NFL Owners meeting in March 99.  Normally he runs a bigger truck in L.A.
This is Rod.  He lives in Sacramento and was helping Frank on the NFL Owners meeting shot.  Their truck was running from 3 am to midnight each day.  The two of them operated the truck in 2 shifts.  3 am here in AZ is 6 am for the New York morning shows.
My little van was parked just across the street from them.  My network required  more normal hours so I didn't have a helper.  It was rainy and over cast for all 3 days of this conference.  Behind me is the MCI truck it also lives in Phoenix but doesn't get out much.
This is my truck Ku-11.  Here I am at Hohocome field in Mesa.  This shot I was broadcasting a press conference for the Chicago Cubs who have their spring training at this stadium.  There were 2 other trucks here but mine was so small I could park right next to the wall.  The conference room is up beyond the banners at the top of this picture.
On April 18 I left for a five week trip to Skopje Macadonia. 
This is Moore Oklahoma in June of 99.  About a month ago a tornado with winds in excess of 300 MPH ripped through this apartment complex.  I was working with the BBC in London producing Twister Week a half live half tape show.  Their control room is in the camper behind me. 
In August I visited the Imus ranch about an hour west and north of Santa Fe New Mexico.  This ranch is then another 5-6 miles down a dirt road.  In the foreground you might be able to see the chickens roaming around. 
This was a fun job broadcasting the Monday Night Football from Sun Devil Stadium Sept. 27 99.
In October I got to see the new Teleport Facility PacSat just acquired near Tracy California.  This big dish is 13 meters tall. That is me standing in front.  This dish is pointed at a satellite that will reach London and Western Europe.  The other one looks at a satellite that can also be seen in Japan. 
This is a family of owls that live near the top of the European dish.  I was told that they hatched from eggs back in early July.  They are cute and fun to have around but they make a huge mess down below.
This is the Pacific dish.  Right next to it is a 15 foot U-Haul.  This site will be used to relay signals from Asia to Europe. 
On a trip from Albuquerque NM to Las Vegas I just had to take a shot detour on to Route 666.  Every few years religious zealots try to rename this high way.  It got its name back in the 1920's as this high way is the 6th road to intersect highway 66. 
Well I made it to Las Vegas.  I am here at the MGM Grand helping in the Web Cast of the The Who reunion concert.  The orange cones mark sprinklers that came on every day at 3:30 pm and 6 pm. 
Yep those are the sprinklers watering down my truck. 
This is Frank's truck.  Remember form the NFL owners meeting.  Together frank and I were sending 4 different signals to an internet company in San Juan Capistrano.  My truck is in the background. 
Panama Canal In early December traveling to the Panama Canal for the handing over to the Panama government.
The Tracy Teleport again for Y2K

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