Miami FL

April 4 - 12 2000



Kevin (20K) Jeff On the Line ( 51K )
The Line  (27K) I arrived in the middle of the Elian Gonzales thing.  Above is Kevin the opreator who set up the big PacSat truck.  He was very relieved when I came to relieve him.  I am standing amung some of the cameras and reportes on the line the house is across the street with the flag.  Just to the right here is a line of cameras and reporters under their tents.  At the end of the street are the protesters.  On the right side of the picture are 2 flags that is the kids house.  Lower Left picture is further back down the same street our 2 Pacsat trucks.  I am working in the larger one this time.  The van is hired out to a different network.  I am working for NBC News Channel.  If you see a live shot from the Miami house in your local news on the NBC station that was probably from my truck.  From the big truck we serviced 2 reporter liveshots.  2 tents, and fed the taped packages on a second path from the same truck.  The truck was working 24 hours a day and I  worked from 2pm to 2 am.  The satellite trucks were fairly spread out around the neighood here is a picture of the cross street with just a few of the trucks.  
Our Trucks  (22K) Lots of trucks  (46K)