Oakland California   Feb 6 - 13   2000

Wide Shot (19K) Clear Truck  (25K)
Kevin HD (31K) Upper left: My truck is transmitting for NBA.Com TV.  This is a promotional channel that runs on DSS and the internet I think.  The white dish on the white trailer is the network return signal, little grad dish is another version of net return, there is another grey dish behind the big white one that is C-band return that they used for special feeds.  The large dish on the blue trailer is a Ku return from another truck over in San Francisco at the players hotel, and then there was one more the sixth dish for just one day as another special feed from New York. 

Upper right: is the set for their show and behind it, hard to see, hard to take a picture of, is the 53 foot production truck.  The side of the truck was taken off and replaced with glass.  The production crew called it the fish bowl.

Left:  On the other side of the parking lot Kevin handeled the HDTV feed of the game.  He is sitting next to the HDTV Digital encoders.

Below Left:  The main compound.  Kevin is in the near truck and Dan Calvo in in the far one.  Dan did the main network feed of the NBA All Star game. Behind the PACSAT trucks are some of the 13 production trucks. 

Below: Here is another shot of the production truck.  The set in the front.  There is a desk on the right and 2 cameras on the left.  You can sort of see the glow of the blue monitors in the control room on the left side.

Main (35K) The set (28K)

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