The X-9 Ranch

Vail, Arizona     June 7, 2000


washboard  (31K) wide shot (45K)
On my way back from Texas I was booked on a "quick" job in Vail AZ.  Well the job was 9 miles off the highway then 5 miles down this (above) washboard road.  I had to drive 15 miles an hour and the truck was shaking like crazy.  When I got to the house I had to duck under the trees at the entrance to the courtyard.  The drive way (above right) is infront of the suburban between the brick posts.  I had to backup into (right) a tree in order to see the satellite SBS6 which, from where I was is just above the tree my dish is pointed at.  

When we were done the crew and I took some pictures.  (below left) Here Steve the sound guy and I are with the truck at the entrance to the X-9 ranch.  This is where the road goes from paved to dirt.  (below right) Brad White the photographer and Steve Riggs were very happy we all made it out of there.

low sbs6 (54k)
me at x-9 (33K) crew (32K)

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