Rockies Baseball

Denver, CO    June 26, 2000

Ken, Anthony, Jeff (27k) Mike, Anthony the rain (24k)

 After a wet day at the Cencerte Canoe Competition Ken and I met Anthony a friend who lived in denver and went to see a Colorado Rockies ball game.  (above) Ken on the left, Anthony in the middle, and Jeff on the right hanging out during the rain delay in the 3rd inning.  (above right)Fortunatly for us it was unbrella night and everyone in the park received a free unbrella.  Between the innings it rained and we thought the game would go on.  Then during the last out of the 3rd it rained for real and they dragged out the tarp.  (right) here they are pulling up the tarp to continue play 90 minutes later.  It was a fun game and the Rockies beat up the Giants 15-6.

close parking (33K)

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