Cement Canoe Race

Littelton, CO    June 26, 2000

Canoe wide shot (17K) Ken working the camera (25K)
On this drizzly day in June I got to witness the 13th Annual Concrete Canoe Competition.  This competition is sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).  (above) A wide shot of the Hine Lake in boulder colorado as it lightly rains all day.  (above left) Ken the photographer with the producer and sound technician record an interview with an ASCE judge.  (right) this was a prototype canoe from the university of Michigan.  It is hard to tell from this photo but it kinda looks like fiberglass.  These canoes are made of space age concrete that will actually float on its own.  Part of the competition is to design new mixes of concrete that are lighter and stronger than traditional concrete.  (below) The race is about to begin.  This was the final part of the competion the speed race.  Other categories for judging included design, presentation, engineering, and an endurance race.  (below right) part of the team from Cornell University. Prototype (20K)
The race (20k) Winning team (21k)

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