Carlsbad Caverns and Trial

Carlsbad New Mexico    May 7-11, 2000


inside the cave (36K) inside the cave (18K)
inside cave (10K) front door (22K)
I had a job to do in Carlsbad NewMexico so I stopped my the fomous Carlsbad Caverns.  These underground caves are so big they were to big for my little camera photograph.  I did get a few pictures of some of the formations inside.  The cave is huge inside the size of 2 football fields inside.  So many tourists come through the cave that the park service has built a snack bar, gift shop, and bathroom inside the cave. 

After the caves I was parked infront of the Eddy County courthouse for half a week.  The large double doors are the front doors to the courthouse.  Around the door are the cattle brands of many of the ranches in the area.   Inside the courthouse is also quite unique.  To the right is the formre county clerks office.  While I was there this office was the press room.  This is where members of the press assemble to watch and record a video feed of the trial going on upstairs.  Anyway, the former clerks office was built as a vauls.  Instead of giving the clerk several large vaults to keep the land deeds and other important papers they made his entire office a vault.  Across the hall was the former Assay Office where the gold was counted. 

I was doing work on the front lawn for a local New Mexico station, a Boston station, (the defendant was from boston).  Because I was the only satillite truck here I also did work for Inside Edition, Extra Extra, and 20/20.  When the verdict came down it seemed like all 5 of them all at once.  Inside edition even got me up early one morning to do a feed from my motel room. 

Vault doors (17K)
my room (22K) Outside (30K)

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