Democratic National Convention

Los Angeles, CA    August 10-18, 2000

Tire blowout (32K) middly of nowhere (15K)
August turned out to be a very busy month, after a refreshing 36 hours at home I was off to the Democratic National Convention.  About 40 miles west of Blythe CA my rear tire blewout on the highway.  This was about as close as I could get to the middle of nowhere.  It took two tow trucks and about 4 hours to get me back on the road.  Once I got to L.A. I parked the truck at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  My truck was the farthest truck from the action.  The Stapels Center is the arena venue where the real action was.  It was located about half a mile of cable away from my truck.  The convention center was full of press including the Reuters News Service.  It was boreing to look at mostly large sections of the floor completely curtained off like an office building.  Reuters was on and off the air from 7am to 1am for 6 days.  This would have been ok if I could have snuck in a nap now and then but Reuters was going up and down, on and off the satellite every 15 minutes so I never got my nap.  For the last 2 days Tom come down from Seattle to work the night shift for me.  Across the street from me was another building of the convention center in that building the police and other authorities had their area.  On the street the trailers with the horses would pull up, 7 or 8 trailers with 3 horses in each one.   As far a way as possible (31K)
Tom (28K) horses and polise (30K)

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