Return to Imus

Imus Ranch  NM     May 1&2, 2000


This is my return trip to the Imus Ranch in New Mexico.  This trip was much better he has moved into a brand new state of the art radio studio.  It is the the building on the left side of the street closest roof.  I had to park around back.  The white windows on the back of the building are windows into the radio studio.  I was here the first week in may to give the place a shaking out ot test drive.  We did 2 days here and made sure everything was working before he came back to do a 9 week stretch later in the summer.  For a job that long i think MSNBC will  bring in a flyaway similar to the dish I took to Panama.  None of my pictures of the inside came out.  Main Street  (28K)
back side (46K) Town high  (47K)

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