Monument Valley

Monument Valley, UT     June 28 2000

The Mittens and MErrick Butte

The Mittens on the left and center and Merick Butte on the right.  You can also see the dirt road I traveled on to take the rest of the pictures.  This view is taken from the visitors center.

Merrick Butte

Merrick Butte from the road.

Me in the valley

Here I am standing infornt of The Left Mitten.  If you cvan imaagine the thick part is the fingers of a mitten and the thin part on the right is the tumb.

John Ford's Piont

Making my way around the park I arrived at John Ford's Point.  This is a spot that movie director John Ford would work into many of his western movies.  John Wayne would often stand on the edge of this point and look for outlaws and indians.  The first move that used this location was Stagecoach in 1939 directed by John Ford.  Other movied filed here are  My Darling Clementine(1946), How the West was Won(1942), The Legend of the Lone Ranger(1980), and Back to the Future III(1988) with Michael J. Fox.

jeff on the point

So here I am on top of John Ford's Point awaiting my monent of fame.  That is Merrick Bute behind me.

3 sisters

This formation is called Three sisters.  These formations grow or are rather etched down by the forces of erosion on the soft sandstone that makes up the valley.

Sleeping Dragon

This formation is called the Sleeping Dragon.  In the center left is his snout, a small dip to his eye and forehead.  His neck dips down and his large body fill the right side.  It looks a lot better when you are there.

cave drawings

These are cave drawings.  Probably drawn by Anasazi people more that 1300 years ago.  The valley is now populated and run by the Navajo indians.  The Navajo Reservation is nearly 16 million acres and Monument Valley is one of 7 public attractions and parks in the reservation.


The De Chelly (de-sha'y) sandstone makes up most of the rock seen in the valley.  This soft stone is easily weathers away by the forces of wind and water.  Atop the buttes and mesas the harder Shinarump rock protects the formation from erosion.

Artist point

This is the amazing view from Artist's Point.


My new friend Keiko is from Japan.  Touring the USA.  She was here with her huaband and the three of us rode in a "jeep" to tour the Valley.

the jeep

This is our tour guide Cathy.  As you can see our comfortable 4x4 jeep is a converted Chevy Silverado 3500.  The back is taken off and thoes are school bus seats.  This truck/jeep can cary up to 15 people if you cram them all in.  It was not bad with only 3 of us.


This is a Rainbow.  I took this picture just north of Phoenix around Beardsley AZ.  It is not in Monument valey but I like the picture.

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