NBC Finals

Los Angeles, CA    June 19, 2000

jeff,dan, scott  (62K) trucks (29K)
For the final NBA game Pacsat had 3 trucks in the TV compound.  (above) Jeff, Dan, and scott take a break for the crazy work.  We are standing infront of Dan's truck which is similar to mine but slightly different.  Frank was also here with his truck but couldn't make it to the picture.  (above right) Here is the line of trucks mine is the second one in from the right, my dish just barely visible.  (Below)  TV trucks were lined up along this fence from the first 5 KTLA truck all the way down to where the crowd of people is.  (Below Right) about 10,000 people they say stood in the street and watched the game on the big screen TV on the side of the building.   The riots started after that down in that corner.  The first TV truck to be vandalized was parked right behind the crown and across the street from us.  There was a police car parked infront of my truck but across the street it was burned later in the night.  I didn't take any pictures during this because 1 I was having problems with the TV station I was working for, I was stuck inside my truck and couldn't really get out, and three taking pictures seemed to rile-up the rioters.  Most all of the trucks parked in the front row of trucks were mostly untouched.  Where was just nothing they could do to us we were packed in so close together.  close parking (33K)
front row (36K) Big screen  (49K)

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