My exciting Y2K

Wide shot (61K)

This is the Mountain House Teleport near Tracy California.

This is where I spent my newyears 2000.  Yes it is out in the middle
of nowhere.  On the good sie i didn't have to worry about riots, stray 
gunfire, water outages(no running water), or power failure(the place
has 3 generators).  The truck on the right is a cement truck that was 
there to pour the foundations for 3 new satellite dishes.  
jeff and bill (52K)

The portable dish

Bill and I had just finished building the little dish that i have my hand on.  This is the same dish that I used down in Panama earlier this month.  From our location here in Tracy California we relayed a television signal from Aukland New Zeland to London.  The signal from Aukland was sent to a satellite above the Pacific ocean.  The big dish, pointing backwards in theis photo recieved that signal.  Then the little dish here send the picture to a satellite over the Atlantic ocean and then on to London.  Yes the othe big dish and the little dish are pointing in the same direction but only the little dish could be configured for the satellite we were using.
backside shot (44K)

Around the Back in the Morning

This is aroud the back side of our location on the first sun of the year 2000.
Again, the dish on the right is receiving the signal form the pacific.  There is a little building right behind it that is where I was with all sorts of electronics.  The 2 big dishes are 13 and 15 meters tall that is about 5 stories high.

inside (71K)

My home for a week

This is the inside of the white building.  In the center are the 2 monitors with the reporters for New Zeland, and the little bit of equipment I was using.  Mountain House was built by AT&T about 15 years ago and probably carried many of the phone calls to over seas locations.  With the 2 dishes we have we can transmit and receive signals around the world form Hong Kong to London.
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