NHL Finals

Dallas TX     June 1-4, 2000


wide shot Dallas  (23K) Wider shot (26K)
In early June the National Hockey League Finals returned to Dallas TX.  The company I work for had 2 trucks parked at the site.  One is the square dish in the middle of all the long trailers.  There were 6 TV production trailers plus 4 more office trailers inside the TV compound.  Our truck was hooked up to 3 of these trailers, one for ABC network carring the game and 2 for ESPN before and after the game.  The Austin truck came up and was working for a Canadian TV network.  Both of these trucks were stuck at the coliseum  and I was there to help them and also do the other jobs in big-D that were not at the coliseum.  Saddly whenever I got done working early or had a day off it was raining.  This was the only sunny day and I was helping out on site.   (right) just above the trailers are the white tubes for the extra air conditioning, just to the right of that you can barely make out all of the TV wires going into the arena.
tubes and wires (21K)

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