Dreamworks Oscar Party

Los Angeles CA,  March 26, 2000



Red Carpet (22K) Jeff n Dreamworks (32K)
Spielberg (19K) I waw at the DreamWorks SKG - American Beauty party watching the celebraties come in, on TV.  I had to sit in the parking lot the entire night and watch it on TV.  Above left is half of the line of photographers, reporters, and crew fighting for pictures of the oscar winners.  Above: Before the stars got to the party I had a moment to walk down the red carpet.  It was Spielberg's party and he did show up. I ran out to the red carpet and took 2 pictures of him and neither of them came out. So I'll settle for this picture of him on the (left) monitors of my truck.  I was working for the BBC this night and we went live in the UK with Oscar party coverage.