Pebble Beach 2000

Wide shot (83K) February 2-6 was the ever plagued with weather Pebble Beach Golf Classic.  This year I was here working for the Weather Channel.  They are the official weather forecaster to the PGA tour.  In this picture you can see my truck, the blue crane has a TV camera on it for the NBC network coverage, The green squares behind that are the big score board, and just beyond that is the 18th green at Pebbel Beach.  If you look just above the fence rail and between the beacha nd the green bush is a little blue dot.  That blue dot is our reporter and our live shot location.
working (73K) Here is the crew working on a cut in. 
The whole gang  (79K) Here is the good group of guys I worked with. 
Jeff, Mike the reporter, Simon the producer, and Keith the photographer
We picked saturday the only day it wasn't cloud, raining, or foggy to take our pictures..
me golfing (97K) Right next door we met the neighbors.  They let me come over and hit a few balls into the water.  Then when the tide went out we went down to the water and collected some of the balls that washed up.
On the 18th  (66K) Here I am in the Early morning fog on the 18th green.  Well the green is right there behind me.  these golf people get all upset if you walk on the putting surface with out a ball and clubs.
tiger (100K) At the end of our day Tiger woods came by.  He gave me this smile.

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