ISL Tennis

Indian Wells CA  March 9 - 16 2000

Tennis wide (37K)
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my camera is jammed.
Above: this is the Pacsat compound.  Mine is the small truck on the right.  I did a feed all day for German TV and a couple of daily news feeds to the world.  The big Pacsat truck is KU-15 it was the main control room for the uplink section.  It did the world feed A and B all day.  Together we had 4 different programs from our 2 trucks.

Above Right:  This is the Indian Wells Tennis Garden.  Indian Wells is about 30 miles east of Palm Springs. 

Right: This is a detail picture of the patch panel in KU-15 the big truck.

Below Right:  This is Frank in his truck Ku-15.  Above him is the patch panel and behind him are the boxes of equipment the client brought in.  There are 3 digital encoders, a 8x8 router(5 levels), 4 D to A converters, a digital scope, and patch plugs to plug it all in. 

Below: Here I am at the tennis match way up in the upper bleachers.  This tennis stadium is brand new and this is the first event ever in here. 

KU15 patch (60K)
Jeff at the Match (92K) Frank ku-15 (76K)
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