The Largest Ball of Twine in Minnesota

Darwin, MN                  Aug. 3, 2000

Mail box for Twine Ball(33K) Me and the Ball (64K)
Well I did finally find the Largest Ball of Twine in Minnesota, just like the Weird Al Yancovich song. (above) It even has a mail box so you can send mail to the Twine Ball. I guess the ball can get fairly lonely. (above right) Here I am with the ball. It is actually inside the gazebo. I was created by (below) Francis A. Johnson. He started it in March of 1950 and stopped in 1979. It weighs about 11 tons, 11 feet high, and 40 feet in circumference. (right) Now it is preserved inside this little gazebo by the city of Darwin MN. The gazebo is glassed in and makes taking a picture difficult. (below right) This is the only good picture I could take of it. It is all twine, twine that was used to wrap bails of hay. What is unique about this ball is it was built by only 1 person. ; Wide shot of Park(40K)
Francis Johnson(38K) Close-up of twine (59K)

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