Where in the World is Jeff


The Tracy Teleport again for Y2K
boulder (47K) I   spent 2 weekends in Colorado.  This is the arena in Boulder CO. 
four corners Four corners Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah.
Pebbel Beach (10K) This year I got to work on the 18th hole of the Pebble Beach Golf tournament
NBA.COM tv (link) A week in Oakland is very long when it rains every day at the NBA all Star game.  I was working in the very back for NBA.COM TV an internet channel. 
Oscar party (Link) DreamWorks SKG  Oscar party in Los Angeles.  Working for the BBC.
pam and me  (40K) Pam Schriver of tennis fame came to hide from the rain in my truck.  Scottsdale AZ in March 2000.  She was conentator for ESPN but it rained all day and the officials had to cancel the entire day and the tounrament.
Here is more tennis at Indian Wells California.  The 2 pacsat tucks did 4 feeds for world clients.  This job lasted a week in the hot California desert. 
Miami In stead of going to Las Vegas for a week of Television trade show,  I was sent to miami Florida to relieve the crew working the Elian story.  The truck was running 24 hours and 2 of us worked around the clock.
return to imus  (link) On this visit to the Imus Ranch we were in the new studio.
Carlsbad (link)  In carlsbad New Mexico I helped cover the trial of a stupid guy who murdered his best friend in the desert.  While I was there I also visited the famous Carlsbad Caverns.
Dallas (link) After New Mexico I was sent to Dallas TX to help out the Texas crews with NHL Finals coverage.
x-9 ranch (link) Coming home from Texas I was sent to the X-9 Ranch in the middle of the Arizona boonies.
Imus 3 (link) On my 3rd trip to the Imus Ranch I took some better bictures of the inside of the ranch house.
innout The first In-N-Out Burger in Arizona is in Lake Havasu City.  If you ever come out to California these are some of the best burgers around.  The chain is found mostly in California. There are 5 stores in Las Vegas and this is the first of 4 in Arizona.  In the background of this photo is London Bridge in Havasu City.
Staples Center (pict) On June 17 was in Los Angeles working for ESPN on the Oscar Dela Hoya fight.  He lost his title but the only picture that came out was this shot of my truck at night.  During the first round of the fight the TV police came around to make sure we did not have the fight in our news truck. 
NBA Finals (link) Later that same weekend was the NBA Finals in Los Angeles too.  I was right across the street form the riots and the police car that was burned.  My crew, the truck, and I came out healthy and just fine but is was scary for a few minutes.
Canoe race (link)  June 26 Cement that floats, The Concrete Canoe Competition on Littelton CO.  They looked like canoes but they were made of cancrete and they were lighter than fiberglass canoes.
ballgame (link)  After the canoe race I went to see a Colorado Rockies Baseball Game.  This is my co-worker ken showing off our terrible 14th row seats.  This during the nice part of the evening before it started to rain.
monument link June 28 on my way back from Colorado I stopped in Monument Valley Utah.
Minnesota (link) July 28-Aug 6 Right next door to the Mayo Clinic I was helping a Billy Graham participate in a huge convention in Amsterdam Holland.  He was sick and via satellite his speach was sent to Amsterdam and the conference was beamed to his room here in Rochester MN.
Spam  (link) July 31 stuck in Minnesota I visited the SPAM Museum in Austin MN.  Same city where Mr. Hormel started packing meat.
twine ball  (link) Listed in Gunisses Book of World Records in 1991 and the largest ball of twine.  It was later surpassed buy a larger ball made of plastic twine by some folks in San Diego.  This is still the largest ball made by one person.
DNC (link) Only a day after I returned from Minnesota I was off to the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles.  This was an ugly trip from the flat tire on the road to the long housr on site. 
September 6 Waiting and standing by for Win Ho Lee to be released I was to just sit around and wait for the phone to ring.  I figured it would not ring at sunset so I took the tram to the top of Sandia Peak.
Chilies Link September 13 Good morninng America and I celebrated the begining of the Chile Pepper Harvest in Santa Fe New Mexico.
atomic link September 14 After Win Ho Lee was released for jail and I finished a GMA shoot with his lawyers I visited the National Atomic Mesuem and Solar Technology Lab.

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