Consumer Electronics Show

Las Vegas, NV     Jan. 5, 2001

truck parked at caesars palace   -16K laying cable across caesars  -22K
the x box   -26K internet juke box   -22K

This is an early 2am call at Caesars in Las Vegas, but lots of fun.  I parked the the in a better spot than even the best valet could find.  Then laid a cable across the gaming floor at 3am.  After the cable was down it was covered with a vinyl mat so the drunk gamblers would not trip.   Then unpacking we helped unpack the toys.  We were the first in the country to see The X Box from Microsoft.  This is the newest and greatest game machine.  It plays games, CDs, DVDs, can do Dolby surround sound, play games over the internet, save you game on a hard disk, and is HDTV ready.  The machine they showed us is the very first prototype made.  It was so fancy they could not find a TV to plug it into.  The last picture is me looking at a really fancy internet jukebox.  This is not the nickle machine of the past.  This machine stores hundreds of songs on a hard disk and can use the internet to access a data base of thousands of songs.  With a new fancy cell phone all you do is call up the music machine and dial in you song selection from any where in the restaraunt, or the world.  The machine will then deduct the quarter from your bank acount and play the song.  When we were on the air with the Today Show, Matt Lauder used a cell phone in New York to play a song on our machine in Las Vegas.  That was neat.


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