Deja Vu Grand Opening

Valencia,  CA      August 24, 2001

title page Deja Vu   -40K Wide shot Deja Vu   -37K
hanging in air   -16K Truck right there   -32K


On Saturday August 25 Six Flaggs Magic Mountain opened a new rollercoaset to the public.  Friday the 24 was press day.  I set up my truck in the shadow of the new coaster.  It starts off slowly pulling you backwards up a 200 foot tower.  You hang there for just a monent then plunge straight down.  Then you go through a boomerang, a 150 foot vertical loop ending up facing the sky on a second 200 foot tower.  Then the entire ride again in reverse.  It was a fun day to be working.  I was able to ride the Deja Vu 4 times with no line.  The front seat was a great ride and I hear the last seat is awesome.

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