4th of July Bush Visit

Mesa,  AZ         July 4 2001

On July 4th the President planned a stop in Meas, Arizona at the Champlin Air Museum .  This location was also the filing center for the media that day and Mr. Bush gave a rousing patriotic speech.  The filing center was on one end of the museum in the old planes hanger.  I had to drive my truck right out on to the airport tarmac.  This air strip was to small however for Ariforce One to land, so the President landed a few miles away at William's Gateway airport and drove in.  Being parked inside the airport I got to see all sorts of neat airplanes roll by.  Both of these planes flew in and were then rolled out front to look nice to the visitors.  The blue 832 is a Steerman N2S.  It is vintage 1930s.   I think it lives here in Mesa.    The gray plane is a WW1 Nievport fighter.  There were 6 of these French planes that flew in and they flew in in formation.  I think they are a stunt team but no stunts today.  Below is of course a picture of my truck as found in many of these pages.  My friends in the business like to see these pictures.  To the right is the control room.  Well the portable control room.  All that equipment is mounted in blue boxes and is fairly simply packed back and shipped to the next stop.  There are 2 big color monitors because we were sending out dual path or 2 signals.


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