Roswell,  New Mexico

Sept. 7, 2001

ufo meseum  -26K jeff with the alien   -23K
crash down cafe   -22K alien autopsy   -24K


The satellite truck was broken down in Ruidoso NM, about 45 minutes west of Roswell NM.  Roswell NM is the town famous for witnessing a UFO crash in 1947 and then the government cover-up.  I found the UFO Museum and research center.  The people here study the crash, the evidence, the myth, and as much information, as the freedom of information act, will let them have.  They also have lots of art exhibits based on UFOs.  Here I stand with a little visitor to New Mexico.  Below my picture is the actual alien, that was used in the TV show Roswell.  The last picture is of the Crash  Down Cafe and Star Child gift shop.  These were the only other buildings or business in Roswell that were interested in UFOs.  I stopped in at the Crash Down Cafe and had a burger.  By the way the cafe does not sell french fries they don't have a fryer.

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