Census Meeting

San Antonio, TX     August 14, 2001

the meetiong inside inside controll room
my truck outside

This is a convention meeting of higher lever census people.  They were discussing how the 2000 census went and some of the results they found.  The panelists at the table are the chiefs of the census and were answering lots of questions about ethnic diversity in various cities, political geography, the effect of the new census on ploitical district lines, and new technology for the next census.  In the top left picture is Ron, the "head on camera".  He videoed the speaker.  Off to his right out of the frame was Bill on the cuts camera taking video of the folks asking the questions.  The top photo on the right is a dark picture of the control room.  The lady in the hat is a delegate to the conference, her elbow can also be seen in the left picture.  The guy in the black shirt Rob is running the audio for our program.   Jeff in the white shirt is a director from C-Span directing the show.  He chooses which camera is sent down the wire and directs the camera man what to shoot.  Down a long wire and outside the building where the satelites are accessable, my truck is parked.  The portable electric generator is next to me in case I have a problem with the generator in my truck.  The program is beamed out the big dish to a satellite and back to earth at C-Span in Washington, DC.


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