Arrest of Andrea Yates

Clear Lake, TX     June 21 & 22, 2001

the trucks   -31K the line of cameras   -33K
pacsat trucks on the job   -39 cory the amazing producer    -33K
wade in the big truck   -35K dan having bummer day
jason working hard   -39K jeff enjoying breakfast   -32K

On June 20th 2001 Andrea Yates a mother of 5 children, drowned all 5 children in the bathtub of her house then surrendered to authorities.  This was a tragic event but this is the business my company and I are sometimes in.  We had 3 trucks parked on the street working for CBS, NBC, and FOX networks.  These trucks were all working about 30 - 40 straight hours on this job site.  Pacsat called in 6 people to run all three trucks for this many hours.    Top line of photos is a view off all the sat trucks lining both sides of the street you can almost see all 3 pacsat trucks.  To the right is the line of cameras and reporters doing live shots all day and night, well this picture is when I had a break and so did all the crews.  Next is what I think is a nice promotional shot of 2 of our trucks working hard.  Next to that, is Cory our Austin Bureau Chief.  He came down and wound up producing all the morning network shows, CBS Early show (our client) and NBC Today show.  He was busy on the phone making sure our guests showed up on location on time.  Also running to get coffee and Krispy Kreme for the workers.   Next row down is Wade who drove down from Dallas for this job.  He is in the larger Pacsat truck.  The guy in the black shirt next to him is Dan who flew in from Los Angeles to work an all day shift.  He was not having a good morning to spite the Krispy Kreme.  Bottom row is Jason, he is based in Austin, also having a busy morning.  And finally, here is Jeff savoring a moment to enjoy the morning doughnut and coffee.  I don't really remember when all these pictures were taken over the 2 days but all of us were running dual path (2 signals on the satellite at the same time), early early morning (3am-4am on site) and long long days  I think most of us either finished after 6pm (evening network news time in Texas is 5:30pm) and were back the next morning for another round of the same.

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