Colorado Wild Fires

June 10  -  June 17   2002

Sedelia one  39K

sedelia crew   51K

cactus man in sedelia  31K

This is the road block in Sedelia Colorado.  Only residents were allowed beyond this point.  This is the location for the ABC World News Tonight live shot ion June 12.  The camera man Bob Twes selected the spot because it was as close to the fire as we could get.  We are about 10 miles north of the fire in fact no smoke can even be seen in our picture or any other live shot today.  The correspondent is Mike ......... and Robert ........ is over on sound.  The bottom picture is Cactus Man he is my little mascot at least for this year.  He will be popping up in pictures every now and then.  It is fairly difficult to take pictures of myself so he is my substitute.

perry park   47K

perry park crew   44K

The next day we set up for the live shot at Perry Park.  Perry park is on County road 133 about half way between Denver and Colorado springs.  We were no closer to the fire here at least it was a different location.  There are 2 camera crews here this time.  One crew is responsible for the live shot and the other shot video earlier today to use in the package tape piece.  It was fairly windy and  Anne is holding the white scrim and her crew   ......  and  ........ are holding the black scrim.  The correspondent is now Bill Reddicer.

Lake george fire truck   44K

moth  50K

The next morning I was up to Lake George Colorado.  We did a Good Morning America shot here.  I was still the uplink but the crew was new and it is so cold and early for me in the morning I don't even remember who the correspondent was.  This I think is a Humming Bird moth.  This one wanted to run audio and parked on the sound mixer all morning,  His brother was with us also but spent the entire morning consumed with the traditional role of a moth and dillegently attacked our lights all night.  

lake george sign  38K

map   27K

map close  71K

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