Fight Night

June 2002



star casino   34K

This is the amazing truck at the Apache Star Casino near Albuquerque New Mexico.  I drove out here to uplink some kick boxing matches on June first.  Everything went fine but it rained about 15 minutes before the show started.   The show was pay-per-view and was scrambled when I uplinked it.  Even I could not watch the fight.  Oh well.  On the fun side, the client wanted two trucks for backup.  The other truck is parked right next to me.  We got all set up and everything working with 2 hours to spare.  We had lunch in the casino and then played some blackjack and won back all of our lunch money.  This was a fun show.

About a week later I was in Scottsdale AZ broadcasting some more fights.  This time boxing on the Sugar Ray Leonard circuit.  This show was for ESPN and I got to watch this time.  Well there were 2 people on the truck and I got to run inside and take some pictures.  There was really no problem finding a seat.  The building that this match took place in is under the grand stands for the rodeo arena.  So I had to park out in the middle of the rodeo grounds all by my self.

jib guy  49k


empty seats  48k


all alone  38k