August  29 - September 1,   2002



The trip to Jamaica seemed like fun when I got the assignment.  Not many airports in America where they bring out the "air stairs" to get on and off the plane.  I arrived in Montego Bay and took a car ride to Discovery Bay.  The two ladies below are Carol and ___ they live in Kingston and work for the Television Jamaica.  TV-J was the production contractor.  Carol and___ are production assistants or fixer for the crew. 



I was with the fly-away dish.  This dish packs up into 23 boxes and flys any where in the world.  For this trip I am broadcasting the Red Stripe Cricket Finals.  This should have been a nice easy job.  How bad can it be I am in Jamaica? Wrong.  The equipment arrived very late, I set up in the dark.  Set was finished only about one hour before I had to arrive in the morning so no sleep.  Then before the lunch break, in the cricket game, one of my amplifiers went down.  I switched to the back up.  The back up lasted only about an hour and a half then it too failed.  The rest of the trip was all fixing equipment and trying to stay on the air.  There is a whole list of other problems and the phone calls when I got home were longer then the cricket matches I covered.  The team from Barbados beat the team from Jamaica in the finals but i dont know what the score was or what it even means.



Above is the picture of my bungalow.  The Resort hotel was very nice but the on site dive shop was closed the one day I had time to go diving.  I didn't really have the mind for it this trip so no great loss.  After I saw to it that all the equipment made it back on the airplane for New York I did have time to walk on the beach in Montego Bay.  I was very happy to walk up thoes air stairs and leave that island.  I do look forward to a vacation visit.






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