President's Economic Forum

Waco TX

August 13  2002


press center  45k


podium  2

This gym at the Baylor University campus is the press center for the Presidents Economic Forum held on August 13.  The president never spoke in this building or at this podium but this is where all the reporters watched the conference from.  When the meetings were going this room was packed along with about 6 other rooms.  Every room with a meeting going on was wired up with cameras.  The rooms however were spread across the campus.  All the feeds came into this room and were setup on this bench,  There were 8 break out rooms and each room had its own feed.  Instead of trying to run reporters from room to room and set up dozens of cameras in each room.  They were wired ahead of time and all a reporter needed to do was plug a VCR into one of these boxes and they could record any session they were interested in.  Enough about that.  The cline I was working for was CNBC.  This is their set with the matching blue panels and the round wood desk.  You can see who was trying to get on TV today.


mult boxes  58k


cnbc desk   42k


all 3 trucks  40k

This was a big event and Pacsat had 3 clients.  Rod Kelley is in the big truck working for C-Span,  I was running the truck in the middle for CNBC and, Jon is running the third truck for MSNBC.  There were satellite trucks spread all over campus trying to cover different parts of the forum.  After the show was all done Rod found some signs so he would know where to park next time.

rod signs  38k