Gulf War II

April 1   2003

  Amman Jordan

jess and dish  31K

Well here I am I made it safely to Amman Jordan.  I am working for the CNN.  ABC and CBS are also running truough our dish.  Yep all 3 networks are sharing and saving money.  I have a new GPS receiver and the exact location of the dish is, N31deg 57.246min by E35deg 54.838min.  Thoes of you with the right software will have fun typing that in.  The little computer also informs me that I am 2900 feet above the sea and 7474 miles from my house in Tempe.  

sunrise  38K

Yep he came along too.  This is sunrise in Amman.  The big office tower seems to be only half full.


This is the main mosk in town.  It is the background for our live shots.

rym live  45K

This is the romantic live location.  Look for Rym Brahimi on CNN.  She is standing in the blue shirt and blue jeans.  Most or our reports go to CNN international but some times she gets on CNN Domestic (USA).  About every other day or so we also do a live shot with the Larry King Live show.  It is usually a guest and not one of our correspondents.  Dawn the producer is sitting with her back to me and Hisham is the local camera man.  Rym is one of the CNN journalists kicked out of Bagdad just before the war started.  Below is one of the streets of Amman.

streets  52K

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