Amman Fun 

April 1 - 21  2003

  Amman Jordan

Jack and Howard  38K

Real Genius  29K

In Amman Jordan we did have some time to get out.  My friend Frank, he is the engineer for the ABC network, Jon and I went to Planet Hollywood Amman.  On the outside it looked like any other Amman building but on the inside it looked like any other Planet Hollywood.  Frank also brought his traveling mascot Howard.  So Howard and Jack shared a glass of fresh orange juice.  Next is some stuff I found inside the Planet.  This is stuff from the movie Real Genius starring Val Kilmer.  I really liked this movie when I was in school.  Like any kid after we visited a real restaurant the kid wanted to go to Mc Donald's.  Mickey D's is across the street from Planet Hollywood.  

Mc Donalds   37K

pull tabs  28K

Here jeff models the chain of pull tabs assembled in just 3 weeks.  They mostly came off the cans of Coke like the one I am holding.  You can tell it is a bit smaller and is about the size of a Red Bull can here.  It holds 250 ml of refreshing goodness.  Yes these are the old fashion pull tabs on the top.  The chain I have here is about 6 feet long.

Jack and Bud  30K

Hookah pipe  39K

Jack got out for a night or 2 and found the one bar in Amman that serves American Budweiser.  This bar is called Nai and is supposed to be rocking.  Both times we were there were off nights.  All the drinking made the cactus a bit heady and he needed a smoke.  The next day we went shopping for Hookah pipes.  Well he found one he liked and Jeff now has a nice one in the house.  



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