Fiesta Bowl

Tempe,  AZ

January 3rd 2003

live shot  51K

I worked with the WOIO crew from cleveland Ohio.

truck city  40K

On game day I moved the truck into the truck compound.  There were no less than 12 satellite and live trucks in the parking lot.  The network production trucks were parked in a different parking lot.  

out front  48K

January 3rd is the big game day.  Jack made it.  We were only covering the before and after the game.  My pass would get me into the sold out stadium but I had no seat.  I weandered around a bit just to say I was at the national championship game.  The final score was Ohio State 31 Miami 24 in double overtime.  This was great news for one my client was reporting on the Ohio side of things.  Second overtime in the game means overtime for Jeff.  This day turned in to a 18 hour marathon.

inside  60K

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