New Mexico Governor

January 10,11,12   2003

  Santa Fe, New Mexico

press conference

In mid January Governor Bill Richardson on New Mexico hosted some talks with the ambassador of North Korea.  It started out as a one day event, but the meeting went on so well it ran into a second day and concluded on the third day.  Every day the governor and the ambassador would arrive at the governors mansion.  The Gov. was recently elected and not quite moved in yet.  They would leave for lunch, return from lunch.  Several hours later the ambassador would leave and about thirty minutes later Gov. Richardson would come out and speak to the press a bit.

front on mansion

This is the entry way the the governor's mansion in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
The morning of the 12th I returned to the mansion again but this time we were invited inside.  The ambassador was gone and the governor talked on ABC this morning at 5am New Mexico time.  After the shot he took some time to pose with Jeff and Jack.

me and the gov

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