California Reelection

Los Angeles,  CA

October 1 - 4, 2003

skyline with cactus   48K

Well, we have just come off a job in Las Vegas where the cactus lost some money on the dice table. Now we are in Los Angeles reporting opn another gamble.  This is the week of the reelection.  The first 2 days we spent in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium.  From here there is a geally great view of the L.A. sky line.  Well it would have been a great view if the fog and the haze was not so thick.  The palm tree on the right made it into lots of live shots.  We did get a few minutes to walk around the stadium.

Dodger Stadium   61K

line of trucks  66K

The day before the election I moved the truck to the Century Plaza Hotel where Arnold was going to have his victory party.  My lens could only fit in 7 TV trucks there were twice as many up the street and in back of the hotel.  Inside things were even more crowded.  This is a 3 level riser is filled with over 100 journalists from around the world.  There were so many journalists here we overflowed to the side and just as many down the other side.  I heard sombody say there were over 300 journalists at this event.  Shortly after I took the bottom picture the hotel pulled in a moveable wall right behind this row of cameras.  It was so tight between the wall and the railing just behind the reporters that my producer Craig, in the blue stripe shirt, spent 4 hours of the event on his hands and knees because there just was no room to stand up.  The camera, lights, reporter, camera man, and producer were alloted a 3 foot by 4 foot square of floor.  The next crew was just a crammed in.

big TV riser  68K

overlfow media  68K

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