Super Bowl Week

San Diego,  CA

January 21 - 26, 2003

Cactus with Credential  45K

Well both Cactus Jack and I both made it to San Diego for the super bowl.  The first thing we had to do was get official credentials so we could get into our work areas.  With a smile and a little effort I even got Jack an ESPN credential.  We almost got him an official Super Bowl tag but the lady to talk to was always to busy to deal with someone as important as Jack.  Tuesday night was media night at the NFL Experience.  They had all sorts of fun activities and great food just for members of the media.  You could also pose in you favorite NFL team jersey.  This is the Tampa Bay uniform.  It took me most of the night to find the Arizona Cardinals mannequin.

.cactus player  41K

at the Presser  51K

We spent most of our time at the La Jolla Torrey Pines Hilton.  Every morning the Tampa Bay team would give a press conference.  My crew and I would shoot it and beam it to ESPN news .  Every time the coach was talking I was in the truck so just imagine football coaches and players behind the podium.  On Sunday we moved from the back of the hotel along the golf course to the front of the hotel where we could see the team bus leave.  Jack was all ready to do a live report.

hotel front 39K

stadium  47K

I did finally make it to the stadium.  Jack was a disappointed Raider fan but happy to make it to the stadium.  For the entire week the stadium was basically off limits.  Our camera crew went over there on Wednesday for Media Day and said it was just insane.  All the ESPN people I was talking with were instructed to ride the light rail over on game day.  There will be NO parking at the stadium. Two days after the game however the crows were gone and they were still cleaning the mess inside. I walked down on the field and there was still confetti laying about.

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