Las Vegas Week

Las Vegas,  NV

September 24 - 27, 2003

We were in Las Vegas for 4 days and did 3 days of work.  This left a bit of time for some sight seeing and a bit of gaming.  Cactus Jack found the craps table and lost plenty.  

    Paris  56K

Bellagio 61K

Mirage  46K

Liberace   55K
Liberace Museum.  We went inside but the "Positively NO Cameras Allowed Inside."

Excalibur  61K

New York New York

MGM   61K
MGM Grand

Star Trek  53K
Star Trek Experience at Hilton.  This is a Gorn with a big stick.

TI  69K
On Saturday I went to the TI treasure Island.  They have completely re-theymed the casino.  They have cut way back on the pirate and swashbuckling in favor of their new thyme "The Sirens of the TI."  They redid the big boat show out front it, opines in late October 2003.  There was an auction to buy some of the un wanted stuff.  The big statues on stage are about 15 - 20 foot tall and only 2 of them sold for $3000 each.  The chandelier in the center is the scull chandelier that hung in the main entrance it was reserved at $5000 and did not sell the thing is dipped in gold.  I went to buy some swords or guns but I had to leave and do some work before they got to the items I wanted.  

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