Presidential Debate

Tempe,  AZ

October 14, 2004


Gammage Auditorium was looking very classy and democratic for the third and last presidential debate of the 2004 election. 

The media was out in force to cover this ground breaking event.  My little truck is tucked in way in the back.  I was working for CNN network.  There were about 20 satellite trucks at this event.

photo riser
There were two media risers outside Gammage.  One double decker riser, this one is for national media, and a second just as big for local media.  As early as 3am there were crews on the riser doing live shots for almost every time zone in the world.  Keep in mind this is just the live TV press.

spin room
The radio, news paper, magazine, international, and internet reporters were in the "Spin Room."  This huge tent was setup weeks before the debate.  During the debate every table was filled with reporters, and their computers.  This is where most of the press watched the debate from.  After the debate as many tv and radio networks, as you can think of , interviewed political celebrities for several hours.  After the debate I was transmitting three different cameras out of my truck, at the same time.  Two were in the Spin Room and the 3rd was on the camera riser.  Once, while watching DirecTV, I saw  all three cameras were on CNN at the same time.  What a show.

A few lucky ones got to watch from inside the auditorium.  This is the stage the day before the debate.  There was no way I could get in during the debate.

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