Consumer Electronics Show

Las Vegas,  NV

January 7 - 10, 2004


keyless lock

The very next week we were back in Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show.  Here Jack is demonstrating a key less lock that uses your finger print grant access.  No more fumbling with the keys or finding a key for the guest just scan your finger.  There were some other gadgets there but most of the the show was computer based.  I just didn't feel the need to take a picture of the computerized range, the latest cable box, or wireless speakers for your house.  Then there were more HDTV sets here that even my mind began to melt down.

msn butterfly

hello kitty5

Next the cactus went mascot hunting.  Here we found a couple of the MSN butterflies buzzing about the Microsoft booth.  Then we bumped into Hello Kitty,  If you have any little girls you will know all about Hello Kitty.  I watch way to much TV so I was able to recognize this Japanese mascot.

green guy

Had enough of the cactus but we found this big green robot.  The two guys in the picture are Dan with the camera and Rob with the audio kit. Our reporter was hiding behind me for a few minutes until she worked up the courage to interview this 11 foot talking "info center."

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