Clovis New Mexico

Clovis,  NM

July 30, 2004


clovis sign

Well this is the thriving metropolis of Clovis, New Mexico.  I zipped out here in about 4 hours, 240 miles east of Albuquerque, almost on the New Mexico Texas border.  CNN wanted to do an interview with two state troopers that were struck by lightning the week before.  They were fine and that is why they are on the news.  Just outside of town there is road construction and Cannon Air force Base.  As I rolled into town this park is the first thing I bumped into.  The airplane is a F-111D flown by the 27th Fighter Wing at Cannon Air Force Base.


spooky clouds

As I drove out of town after the show there were several big thunderstorms floating around.  I drove straight at this one then turned just as it started to rain on me.  Later this night I rolled over 200,000 miles in the satellite truck.

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