Princess Cruises

Galveston,  TX

November 8, 2004


boat at sunset
This is the Grand Princess cruise ship.  It is fresh off a 10 day refit.

scott working
Here is Scott at sunset getting ready to run some cable.  The ship was tied up about 300 yards behind Scott and the truck.  We had to wait 4 hours for the boat to move down to its loading birth before we could cable our 2 camera locations.  I got my cruise in on this trip, I was on the boat when it made this huge 300 yard voyage.

big ship
We cabled 2 cameras on the boat.  One camera was on the 7th deck and the other was on the 15th deck.  Just for reference the truck is parked at about the 4th deck level.  If you look hard you can see the 2 cables flying up the side of the boat.

This is one of the 3 pools on the boat.  There is also a mini golf, spa, weight room, internet cafe, casino, bla bla bla....
This is the big sell I heard over and over again for the 9 hours we were on the air.

jeff and captain
I did get to meet the spokes-man for Princess Cruises his name is Gavin MacLeod.  You may better know him as Captain Merrill Stubing of  The Love Boat.  He even let me wear his captain hat.  Behind us you may notice a huge TV.  They show movies on the screen at night when the cruise is going.

him too
Yep just got a picture of him here too.  Just before the lines were cast off and the boat left.

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