Michael Jackson Arraignment

Santa Maria,  CA

January 16, 2004


camera mob

Here is the early morning crowd of reporters at Michael Jackson's first court appearance this year.  There were probably over 200 reporters camera people and others media types covering this story.  This is about 7am before MJ even showed up.  My crew for Entertainment Tonight has at least 2 cameras in this mess somewhere and about 4 more little cameras running for lots of different angles.


If I remember there were something like 35 media trucks parked in this lot next to the court courthouse.

mult box

Under this tent were the 5 mult boxes.  These were special cameras that were shared with all media outlets.  They were in special places.  The court could not let  all those cameras inside the building to shoot Michael walking through the metal detector so they appointed one luck camera crew to go in. His pictures were shared with everybody from one of these silver boxes.  There were 5 of these special locations strategically located around the building.  Squeezed into a parking space was even a guy selling burritos and cokes to media people who could not get out.  They weren't too bad.

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