John Kerry Visit to Flagstaff

Flagstaff,  AZ

August 8, 2004


kerry rally
Drove up to Flagstaff to escape the Phoenix heat and make sure the world could see John Kerry's speech in Flagstaff.  I arrived about 3pm and got all set up, I didn't even meet my crew or producer until 10pm and Kerry started speaking at 10:30 in the evening.  With such a late start all two thousand people were still excited to see him.  This is part of his Sea to Shining Sea Believe in America Tour.  He spent the night in Flag then rode the train to Kingman, AZ.  My office threatened to send me there but opted for Albuquerque in stead.  Mr. Bush has a campaign stop in Albuquerque on Wednesday, no pictures of that, who cares.

kerry on the monitors
This is how I see most political events, on a small TV in the parking lot.

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