Scuba Diving in Utah

Bonneville Seabase,  CA

July 22, 2004


seabase sign
I took an early morning one day during the basketball tournament and went scuba diving in Utah, again.  The Bonneville Seabase is a warm-springs but with salt water, a bit west of SLC and just south of the Salt Lake.

silver jack
This is a Jack fish,  Jack the cactus didn't want to go diving today.

French angel
This one is a French Angel Fish.  This angel and the jack were about the size of a big dinner plate with the tails and fins hanging off. 

nurse sharks
This is a picture of 2 Nurse Sharks.  pretty much all you can make out is 2 dorsal fins.  Their heads were burried in a small cave and nobody wanted pull them out.  The owners tell us the sharks are about 6-7 feet long.  I guess they spend all there time hiding from divers because I never saw them swimming.

This is a little puffer fish.

wide shot
This is a wide shot of the place.  The arched building is half of one of the ponds and in the foreground is the larger pond.
Here is the website for the Bonneville Seabase.

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