Gonzaga Basketball

Spokane,  WA

February 18, 2004


upper power house

upper falls5

Today I was in Spokane, WA.  There was not much going on in Phoenix and the Washington guy was on vacation so I was sent to fill in.  My job was at night and I had half a day to explore Spokane.  Well they have a big river up there that rips right down the middle of town.  These pictures are of the Spokane River.  I am from the desert.  When we see this much water at one time it is called a flood.  So yes I was amazed at all the water in the river.  This is upper falls on the Spokane River.  In the top picture the cream building in the middle of the frame is the upper falls power plant.  The red brick building is the electric sub station.  Just around the bend is the lower falls and the lower falls power station.

big wagon

One of the neat things in Riverfront Part is the Big Red Wagon.  I have no idea why it is here. It is big enough to hold a ladder between the back wheels and the front handle is a slide.  There were some kids playing on it for a while, you might be able to just make out a girl in a pink sweater sliding down the handle. 


For those of you tired of seeing my little white van here is Tom's larger white truck.  The arched building behind us is the gym at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA.  The building is named after somebody famous or who gave a lot of money but I forgot who that was.  Just visible on the right is the new athletic center, a full blown super sized basket ball arena.  The old gym is about the size of a good sized high school gym.  There aren't even seats behind the basket just padded walls about 6 feet away.  The new arena will seat something like 14,000 people and have state of the art concession stands.
After this game I drove the truck back to Seattle.

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