Super Bowl

Houston,  TX

February  1, 2004


Well I am back at the Super Bowl for the second year in a row.  This year I got a little bit closer to the game.  This fence however is as close as I could get with my credential.  I spent 2 days at the Super Bowl Pre Game Tail Gate Party. 

katy kookers

makin ribs
The hardest thing about this job was being parked in the middle of the Bar-B-Que cook off for 2 days.  This is the Katy Kookers B-B-Q team.  There were 18 teams cooking chicken, ribs, and brisket.  I had to walk right through the Katy Kookers many times during the day to get from my camera man, to my truck.  Every time I walked even close to them they handed me some bar-b-que.  On Saturday they won 7th place in ribs, and 2nd place in brisket.  Then on Sunday  the 18 teams cooked food for 3000  party goers.

The Katy Kookers made these chickens a little special.  These are "beer can chickens".  Stuffed up inside the chicken is a 1/2 empty beer can.   The can keeps the chicken standing up and flavors it.  The chest and the shoulders are trade secrets.

big party
This is one of the opening shots from the super bowl pregame show.  Yes those cheer leaders are dancing atop a giant bar-b-que.   After I got this shot I was stuck in my truck for the rest of the pregame show.  We got 2 shots on the air in a 4 hour show.

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