Sky News

Tombstone,  AZ

October 27, 2004



Jack with horse
The two horses are on the Kwykendall Ranch near Elfrida AZ.  I say near because if you are lucky enough to find Elfrida on the map the ranch is another hour or so of driving down some dirt roads.  The SKY crew and I set up here for the first of 3 live shots all in one day.  To make the day more interesting all 3 live shots are in different locations.


Our second live shot is on the side of a road between Tombstone and Sierra Vista, AZ.  Below are the back of Andrew the SKY correspondent, Mic on camera 1, and Martin on the wireless camera.  This is a layover stop for illegal immigrants coming in from Mexico.  The area here was completely littered with back-packs, dirty cloths, plastic bottles, and other nastier stuff.  Our live shot here lasted all of 10 minutes then a 30 minute drive to our next location.

the crew

This is our 3rd and final location at the Copper Queen Hospital in Bisbee, AZ.  This hospital might go out of business because they cannot get funding from the government and it is required to treat several illegals every day with no money or insurance.  They are required to give away free medical treatment every day until it drives them out of business.

Lavender pit
After the last shot was over I stopped by the Phelps Dodge Corporation's Lavender Pit.  This open pit copper mine was opperated from 1951 to 1974. 

lavender pit

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