UofA Baseball

Tucson,  AZ

May 1, 2005


the trucks.
This month I was down in Tucson a lot for baseball and softball.  This trip is for baseball.  My little uplink truck takes up almost no room.  In front of me if the big NCP production truck.  In front of of him is another 53foot trailer  to support this one.  Here is the big laugh of the weekend; The NCP truck in High Definition, with some planning and a phone call my uplink can do High Definition, one of our games was aired on ESPNHD.  Everything was switched to Standard Definition.  We think it was a money thing but none of us make those decisions.

the crew
Another nice thing about these games in Tucson is the set-up is for 3 days.  We set up on Friday and do a game.  On Saturday everything is setup and we turn it on and shoot a game.  Then Sunday we just turn it on do a game the tear it down and go home.  So, on Saturday when everything is working there is a bit of spare time to relax before the game starts. 

the cactus
Here is the cactus up in the broadcast booth auditioning for ESPNUniversity.  He is trying to be the color commentator.

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