Barry Bonds

Scottsdale,  AZ

February 22, 2005


media trucks5
I arrived at Scottsdale Stadium at 8:30 in the morning to get a parking space and run my cables for a Barry Bonds press conference.  Back then the steroid thing was still growing in the news and of course Barry was at the top of this story.  There were about 8 live trucks here today.

barry arrives
About 2:30 in the afternoon Barry rolled in.  Normally players go in a gate near 3rd base, or about 4 parking spaces past the blue van in this picture.  Barry wasn't headed to the locker room or the field.  So this scrum of media types followed him across the parking lot and right through the gap between my truck and the blue 12 truck.

barry passes the trucks
Here it is the closest I ever got to THE BARRY BONDS.  I a futile effort for self promotion non of the other camera people here got a shot of Barry in front of the Pacsat truck.  Oh well.

bonds on my tvs
A few minutes later he was up in the press room speaking to the media.  ESPN was using my truck to send 2 cameras back.  They do this when it is a really important press conference.  Ant that is all I saw of  Barry Bonds.  After the press conference he disappeared and about an hour later his car left and we all think he just snuck out.

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