Cottonwood Floods

Cottonwood,  AZ

February 12, 2005


.cactus flood

Here Jack is wading into the flooding Verde River.  If you look close near Jack's feet you can see the water is moving.  At this point the river is about 16 feet above flood stage.  That house is about 40 feet from dry land.  We were told the people that live there moved out last month when the river flooded the first time.

closer house

Here is closer shot of the house.  The water came up to the three sandbags high on the porch.  I think the blue thing is a pool hose that came floating down the river.  It is hung up on a tree just out of frame.  A bit later in the day a trailer came floating down the rive.  We also saw several tires and a refrigerator.

weather channel

I was working for The Weather Channel.  The reporter here is Mike Sidel.  It was raining on and off all day.

Verde River

This is the bridge at Camp Verde a bit further down stream from our location.  See how high the water is on the bridge and  how wide the river is.  Usually this river is mostly dry only a creek.  The river will only be three to five feet across and not more than a foot deep.  I think this is about 15 feet deep here.  Deeper than a house.  Here is Arizona we are just not used to this much water all at one time. 

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