H.L. Hunley

Charleston,  SC

June 26, 2005


building outside
When in Charleston I have to see the H.L. Hunley.  This is a Civil War submarine.  It is the first submarine to sink and enemy ship in war time.  Another reason it is famous is, it is the first submarine to be sunk in war time.  On the weekends it is on public display at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center.  The actual sub is in a tank of water in the back, and the center does not allow pictures of it any more.  I was told the once did but lots of people leaned over the tank took pictures then accidentally dropped camera batteries and other things in the tank.  It is very bad to drop chemical batteries in the preservation tank of a cast iron ship.  But they do give the public a very good look at the boat.

inside hunley
In the lobby of the W.L.C.C. is a mock up of the sub made for a Turner movie.  Inside is the hand crank that powered the sub.  Seven guys would sit on the little seat and crank the handle for hours at a time. 

cactus inside
Here the cactus tries his arms at turning the crank.

size ring
The mock up for the movie was a bit large.  This yellow fiberglass band was wrapped around the real sub before they raised it.  The sub was only forty two inches wide about 3' 6"  and forty eight inches high or 4'.  I am just pointing to give you scale about how small and cramped this sub is.  Inside this ring an submariner would bend over and crank, no standing or stretching the legs.

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